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Real-time map creation (and map creation in general) remains a very active field in mobile robotics and UAVs. Accurate sensor information and  its comparison with a given data are important for self-localization and navigation.


There are few technologies for automatic map creation are available with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Technology (SLAM) being the most popular at the moment.

The team of our programmers has developed software and algorithms that allow navigation for UAVs, robots and a group (armada) of drones and robots in GPS denied environment.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

Our Proprietary Technologies

We use the proprietary technologies to give the “Brain” to any individual UAV or Robot and the “Collective Brain” for the network of UAVs or Robots. This creates the synergy effects, making the network of UAVs performing much more efficient than the sum of individuals

This technology is for manufacturers of Unmanned Aerial, Ground & Surface Vehicles, and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment.


Mono SLAM:  Lightweight algorithm, primarily for the odometry in the areas where GPS is not available. 

Combined SLAM: Odometry and reconstruction of the environment around vehicle using passive stereo camera in real time.

High-Precision SLAM:  Combination of the Stereo-SLAM and the Merging of 3D point clouds.

Polarized SLAM: New patented approach. Allows the 100x increase of the

Level of details.

Real-time Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Computer Vision Algorithms and 

Visual development environment for the Robotics

multi-agent library

Multi-agent library supports multiple UAV/Robots operating together, using one-to-one communication protocol

Powerful post-processing algorithms for the data extraction

The set of ready algorithms for Robotics /UAVs and Robotic Library



computer vision


set of algorithms

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