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Mono Slam

  • Lightweight algorithm, primarily for the odometry in the areas where GPS is not available.

  • Works on mobile-grade processors, millimeter precision for the common tasks.

  • Current solution: 

          - Single 60fps camera oriented straight                   down 

          - Mounted on UAV

We mount our system in parallel to the high-precision GPS and make several tracks in different roads, surfaces with environment having enough of features.

Then we compare our trajectory with GPS logs.


Works on the automotive grade DPSs in  real-time.

The reconstruction can be vastly

improved by post processing of the acquired video.

Odometry and reconstruction of the environment around vehicle using passive stereo camera in real time.


  • New patented approach

  • Allows the 100x increase of the Level of details.

  • Detects features not visible by the human eye.

  • Extremely efficient in distinguishing the low-contrast objects.


  • Combination of the Stereo-SLAM and the Merging of 3D point clouds.

  • The result is a 3D map of the environment of the great quality, sufficient for the need of measurements, construction, planning, etc.

  • Currently the individual components work on PC, not in real-time.

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